2 Juicey Meats & 2 Delicious sides For 22.00

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Top Barbecue Restaurant in the local area

Katie's Kitchen & BBQ is a barbecue restaurant that offers a range of smoked, roasted, and grilled barbeque goodness – including beef, fowl, fish and vegetables. Though located in the local area, we can also serve the surrounding areas during special events. We also offer home delivery services for special orders. Such special orders should be placed at least two days before the actual delivery date, stating the time and nature of the meal. For further inquiries, ask us in the form below.

It Is All About You!

Our chef-created menu offers you best-in-class BBQ. We also cater to your event needs. We offer private dining and catering services to meet your needs. Our experienced chefs utilise traditional and new techniques of giving you the best barbecue and our services are tailored in a way to ease your needs. You can make reservations and plan a special occasion with us to give you the best experience and memory while dining with us. Make a reservation today, and have a great time!

Our Dishes and Cuisine

We offer a variety of barbecue dishes and cuisines that you will find irresistible to refuse. We provide both slow-smoked and barbecue sauces over grill dishes that will make your mouth water. Our chefs are highly specialised, offering detailed preparation of these barbecues such as briskets, barbecue sandwiches, beefsteak, barbecue chicken and many more. We want to give you the best experience while dining with us, with a heavy emphasis on your table’s enjoyment.


Parking available
Wheelchair accessible
Accept debit/credit cards
Bike parking available
Good for children
Debit & Credit cards accepted

Price List

3 smoked Ribs w/ 1 side


3 ribs bone with side of your choice

5 smoked Ribs w/ 2 sides


5 rib bones with 2 sides of your choice

Rib sandwich


Smoked rib sandwich with BBQ sauce

Smoked Brisket


Smoked brisket sandwich with BBQ sauce

Smoked Pulled Pork


Smoked pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce

All Beef Smoked Sausage


All beef sause with BBQ sauce

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